CAWD is recruiting!

As a new organization CAWD has many positions to fill. We are seeking to make the following appointments. Unfortunately we can currently offer no material renumeration, but you will certainly gain good loco, and you will be making a significant contribution to science based health policy and practice. Hours and commitment are very light and totally flexible, and we are open to all applicants, and especially welcome applications from medical, nursing and other science based health professional students and practitioners, science and technology students, scientists, and ICT professionals.

Current Vacancies

  • Board members (must be registered with us as WDs)
  • Webmaster (to help manage the website)
  • Developers (particularly those with PHP, and SQL experience)
  • Designers and graphic artists (if you are good at art and can produced some good graphics for us, your in!)
  • Legal Advisors (Law students or lawyers, in case we get sued by our nefarious enemies)
  • Immaginative & Fun Marketing Coordinators
  • Musicians (to record new version of our glorious theme – note: country and western fans need not apply)

Contact us with a short resume at

Join us and spread the word!