Dear colleagues,

It is with great excitement and fanfare we announce the winners of the CAWD 2015 Dr. Woo awards. These distinguished awards are for those outstanding individuals who have excelled within the realms of magical healthcare. Although there are many who are worthy of such high distinction, only those selected by their peers as having made remarkable achievements in their field this year are awarded this ultimate accolade. Thanks to all our members for the outstanding nominations and votes which were very competitive.

The winners in the following categories are (drumroll please):

Professional Practice

Are You With Me Dr. Woo Award: for the best promotional activity by a celebrity/politician  in promoting woo and completely irrational health beliefs

Ultimate Fleecing Award: for the practitioner using the most creative way to fleece the public for a magical health therapy without actually breaking the law

Sartorial Woo Award:  for the most fashionable/coolest witchdoctor! Award for the most creative and use of a white coat/stethoscope/cosmetic dentistry/tan and posing arts by an alternative health practitioner in their advertising.

Uncanny X-Men Award: for the most creative justification of woo involving the use of mutant psychic (undetectable) energies for healing


Mystic Brew Award: Best use of postmodern mysticism and pure nonsense using the most esoteric and jargonistic language to justify an alternative health therapy

Conspiracy Theorist Award: for the most creative use of big-pharma, evil medicine, alien DNA etc. in memes to promote an alternative health therapy

Hippy Hippy Shake Award: for the best use of new age speak/ hippy handicrafts/imagery in justifying an alternative health therapy

It’s Life Jim (but not as we know it) Award: for the most logical fallacies used in the justification of an alternative health therapy/practice in a single explanation.


The Integrative Woo Award: for the educational institution offering the best integration of science and magic in an  academic program or research activity.

Hogwarts of Woo Award: for the most auspicious private made-up alternative health college

Woo to Go Award: for the institution/business offering the best virtually mail-order alternative health professional qualifications

Bums on Seats Award: for the educational institution giving the best excuse for profiting from the sale of magical health education.

Congratulations to all our esteemed winners. It was gratifying to see so many Canadian winners too, go Canada! Prestigious certificates will be mailed out shortly, along with an invite to a magical award ceremony on Pluto. We hope to see many of you there.

Seasons greetings to all and spread the WD word!

Dr. Wen Shortispy

Director of CAWD & Witch Finder General

P.S. Apologies to Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, but we couldn’t resist the pun.