Details of current practicing WDs can be found here and can be contacted by an e-mail to us at

We can also offer remote treatment by e-mailing us details of your request and a qualified WD will chant an appropriate spell, Please not requests must be a) benevolent and b) legal. No requests for raising the dead can be undertaken remotely (to avoid potential issues with unsupervised zombies).

List of Current Witch Doctors Registered with CAWD

Dr. Wen Shortispy PhD, WD Vancouver, BC
Dr. Colenso Ridgeon Calgary, AB
Dr. Hannibal Lecter WD Halifax, NS
Dr. Anton Phibes MSc,WD Toronoto, ON
Dr. Fu Manchu, WD Saskatoon, SK
Dr. Emmett Brown PhD,WD Victoria, BC
Dr. Henry Jeckell, WD Fredericton, NB
Dr. Victor Frankenstein WD Montreal, QC
Dr. Henry Higgins WD Winipeg, MB
Dr. Herbert West WD Regina, SK
Dr. J. Moreau PhD WD Nanaimo, BC
Dr. Henry Wu WD Charlottetown, PEI
Dr. A. Faustus, WD Berlin, Germany
Dr. John H. Watson, MD, WD Baker St. London, UK
Dr. Spock, PhD, WD Shi’Kahr, Vulcan
Dr. Who, PhD, WD Somewhere in space and time
Dr. WilleeWillee Wamba’dun W.D. Toronto, ON
Dr. Juju Bamboozle Nosebone WD Olympia, WA (USA)
Dr. Recto Fossa PhD, WD Birmingham, West Midlands (UK)
Dr. Diablo Luded MD WD Jurisdiction of practice not restricted to geographic boundaries imposed by professional governing bodies but rather to faithful, discopic patients seeking solutions for daily life, sloughed off by mainstream physicians advocating common sense.
Dr. Ralph Toadgrunter WD Wherever my service are require, my soul has no boundaries. I’m a traveller helping anybody on my journey.
Dr. Torunn Gunnhild WD Ontario.
Dr. Papa Dawg WD Lawrenceville GA USA.
Dr. Ian “The Real Doctor” O. PhD WD Louisville, KY USA.
Dr. Jerusalem WD MPS Auckland, New Zealand.
Dr. T’ Ploef WD MPS British Columbia, Canada.
Dr. Brigid Gynaecologica WD Alberta, Canada.