There are two official methods:

1) Witch Doctors (WDs) must successfully undertake our demanding 4-year graduate doctoral eduction program at our national college, as prescribed by our national curriculum (outlined on our education page).

2) Alternatively, WDs with equivalent qualifications from other jurisdictions can undertake our challenge examination and become registered with CAWD. Upon request we will send you a copy of our challenge exam. At first it may appear to be a blank e-mail, but upon close scrutiny those who truly have the power of loco will be able to discern the 200 questions which must be answered within 30  minutes and a response sent back to us. Only truly qualified WDs will be able to see the questions which are undetectable by scientific or non-magical means. Naturally, your response e-mail will also appear a blank e-mail to the uninitiated.

You must also demonstrate by reference or other means you have undertaken a bachelors degree, and 1200 hours of supervised WD practice.

You must also send us your official WD name (as well as your real name) which will be judged for temerity, and humour (famous fictional doctors or witty anagrams work well). We will also need details of the province/territory where you intend to practice.

Upon successful passing of the examination your case will be presented to our board of directors, and if WD status is approved you will be e-mailed a certificate of membership. Printed and framed certificates are available at additional cost.

Please email:


We welcome those who wish to become honorary (non-practicing) WDs, and please email us at to join our mailing list and register. You will receive an honorary WD certificate by email.