The CAWD’s Board of Directors represent a wide range of scientific, magical and clinical expertise from Canada and beyond. For their own protection (see history and persecution of WDs) all WDs use magical pseudonyms. The members contribute their time and many skills to the promotion of Witch Doctory. The CAWD board consists of:

Chair Dr. Wen Shortispy PhD, WD Vancouver, BC
Vice-Chair Dr. Who, PhD, WD Somewhere in space and time
Treasurer Dr. Anton Phibes MSc,WD Toronoto, ON
Board Members Dr. John H. Watson, MD, WD Dr. Faustus, WD Dr. Henry Jeckell, WD
Baker St. London, UK Berlin, Germany Fredericton, NB
Dr. Fu Manchu, WD Dr. Emmett Brown PhD,WD Dr. Spock, PhD, WD
Saskatoon, SK Victoria, BC Shi’Kahr, Vulcan

To contact any member of the board please e-mail;