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Regulation Debacles

As you will have probably gathered by now, this site takes argument against unscientific healthcare and the absurdity of ascribing professional legal status to practitioners of magical healthcare. Reductio ad-absurdum is the logical argument form that establishes a contention by deriving an absurdity from its denial, thus arguing that a thesis must be accepted because its rejection would be unsound. It has a long and venerable history, and was a common argument in Greek mathematics.

We are a group of scientists, healthcare professionals, students and everyday people who believe that public healthcare policy should be based upon empirical science rather than faith or magical belief based practices. We have no qualms about the rights of individuals to adopt and practice their own chosen healthcare beliefs, or CAM practitioners to practice therapies that are demonstrated as harmless.

However, we do not believe it is in the best interests of Canadian citizens and taxpayers to have such practitioners legally regulated at the same status (or even above some) existing university prepared science-based health professions that have rigorous practice education, clinical training and independently verified evaluation. Doing so supports a public perception that these CAM therapists are equally valid in terms of effective outcomes to science based medical and nursing care, and worse fails to protect the public from inadequately prepared practitioners, leaving the public open to unscrupulous, or unsafe practices.

Our position is, if you want to practice  invasive alternative therapeutic procedures and prescribe medications to the public you should be appropriately qualified to do so. This is in the interest of public safety, and such practitioners should be  university qualified physicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists or other university and clinically prepared professionals with active registration and additional CAM accreditation, not a graduates of parallel non-science based programs from dubious for-profit private colleges.

All of the arguments we use to explain, justify and support WD practice here, are based on the arguments used to justify other  CAM practices, including homeopathy, therapeutic touch and naturopathy. If you have similar concerns about Canadian healthcare regulation, policy and practice, please join us, and become a witch doctor!

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It is also worthy of note we recently  gained a quackometer score of 1 on the Canard Noir scale. Clearly an  endorsement of the power of witch doctory!













Dr. Wen Shortispy

Director of CAWD
Witch Finder General