Zombie Conference Paper Accepted at BIT’s 12th World Cancer Congress in Osaka, Japan.

It is with great pleasure we announce another groundbreaking WD paper has been accepted (within 24 hours) at a prestigious scientific conference – BIT’s 12th World Cancer Congress. It seems not only naturopaths can get pseudoscience published in dubious conferences and journals to claim scientific credibility. The following abstract was accepted. This is most forward-thinking of them, and as usual WDs are breaking new scientific frontiers with our highly innovative research using zombification as a tissue preservation technique.

Abstract: Tissue Preservation After Mortality in Cancer Patients

This paper will outline a novel method of tissue preservation in deceased oncology patients. The study describes the method of alternative practitioners (Canadian Witchdoctors) using mortomorphic therapies to turn deceased oncology patients into automata, and therefore preserving their tissues indefinitely. In experimental trials carried out between 2016-17 (N=50) resurrected individuals were analyzed for tissue degradation. In 90% of cases most tissues had survived intact, with minor superficial discoloration and zombomorphic vascular damage. There was evidence of some flesh becoming ischemic and damaged but major organs and muscle groups remained intact. We feel this offers significant evidence of a novel tissue-preservation technique applicable across other disciplines.

Dr. Wen Shortispy

CAWD Director & Witchfinder General

Canadian Association of Witchdoctors.


From: betty <XXXXX@cancercon-congress.com>
Date: Monday, October 22, 2018 at 2:21 AM
To: admin <admin@witchdoctor.ca>
Cc: info <info@cancercon-congress.com>
Subject: Re: Abstract Submission BIT 12th Annual Cancer Congress

Dear Dr. Wen Shortispy,

It is a pleasure to hear from you.

According to your topic, we would like to recommend your presentation at Track 4-3: Combination Therapy, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, is it suitable for you?

more information: http://www.bitcongress.com/Cancer2019/scientificprogram4.asp

kind regards,




发件人: admin

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主题: Abstract Submission BIT 12th Annual Cancer Congress

Dear Betty,

Please accept this abstract for presentation at the BIT 12th Annual 

Cancer Congress in Osaka, Japan. I would like to present this as an oral 

paper in the Oncology Complementary and Alternative Medicine stream. If 

the paper is accepted I will attend the conference together with one of 

my graduate students to present the paper. We will both register for the 


Looking forward to your reply.

Dr. Wen Shortispy WD

Director CAWD

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