New Free Homeopathic Remedies Delivered Virtually!

Astounding news!

Due to a new breakthrough in locomatic teleportation we can now deliver homeopathic remedies directly to your tap! As the ultimate suppliers of health and wellness for all we also do so completely free!

We announce a fabulous new free service. As expertly trained homeopathic and locomatic energy practitioners we can now supply any homeopathic remedy of 3C dilution or greater directly to you. These remedies are expertly prepared by our practitioners as per homeopathic principles and then teleported directly to your kitchen tap at a specified time for you to collect.

Here is how it works:

1) Send us an email with the name of the homeopathic remedy you wish us to send and a specific time you would like it delivered (specify the time zone).

2) ‬When you send the email – visualize your kitchen tap in your mind

3) Then prepare a clean container to collect the remedy (e.g. a small glass container microwaved for 20 seconds or rinsed with boiling water works)

4) At the time you have specified collect your remedy in the container from the kitchen tap you visualised. The remedy will be teleported and dispensed at the tap by a trained WD for a period of three minutes at the time specified.

5) then use your remedy as normal.

That’s it. So simple, and completely free. We aim to save our clients money and promote health. This process is completely safe with no risk of contamination (other than your normal water supply) and we guarantee our product is the same as those sold in the shops. Please do test us, we guarantee our product will contain exactly the same therapeutic ingredients as those sold over the counter by profit-hungry corporations and practitioners. Use any lab to compare and you will be astonished!

Any of these remedies can be supplied:

Additionally our products are superior to those provided by homeopaths and naturopaths as they are imbued with locomatic energies to maximize their potency. Please note we can only supply homeopathic remedies in this way and no other.

Best wishes

Your friendly neighbourhood witchdoctors.

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