CAWD Mailbombed

Dear colleagues,

I am sad to say someone attempted to crudely mailbomb our email service today, with registration to a large number of dubious Christian and other websites. Coincidently, this comes a couple of days after the email out of our Dr Woo award certificates, so we think it may have been an ungrateful recipient, or possibly simply another CAM practitioner jealous of our glorious theme tune.

Sadly the misguided perpetrators do not understand the power of loco energies, and that all such ill-wishes simple rebound on them with bad-luck (or misunderstand how spam filters work, as our IT manager cleared the spam within 30 seconds, and the addresses are now blacklisted in the system automatically).

Such malevolent antics are beneath us as WDs, but we hope that the perpetrators learn the error of their ways before they suffer the consequences of negative loco energies. Undoubtedly their luck will have got progressively worse today, and this week as a result of their actions, and we hope they have learned their lesson. Best not to mess with the witchdoctors!

Wen Shortispy
CAWD Director and witchfinder General

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