The Canadian Association of Witch Doctors (CAWD) is the national professional self-regulatory association for qualified witch doctors across Canada. The CAWD promotes non-science based medicine to the public, insurance companies and corporations, federal/provincial government and enables communication within the professional witch doctor community.

Witch doctors (WDs) treat all forms of health concerns, from acute to chronic, geriatric to pediatric, magical systems to quantum phenomena, from the physical to the metaphysical, even to the ultimate health challenge; raising the dead. It is the approach, philosophy and rigorous training of witch doctors that sets us apart from other health care practitioners. Unlike our fellow complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners who claim that their therapeutic interventions might, or actually do work, we make no such claims. In fact, we claim to be the only fully honest healthcare profession in that we openly assert that none of our therapies actually work. However, after seeing a witch doctor or having a spell cast for you it is certainly possible you could feel better, especially if you believe in this sort of thing.

The association welcomes newly qualified WDs, existing WDs who wish to gain Canadian registration, and potential students who might wish to abandon rational thinking and engage in a mystical career in alternative healthcare. For details of WD programs in Canada please see our education page. For registration with CAWD please go the Regulation page for information on how to register. It is free, and in most cases practitioners can register with us and gain accreditation quickly. If you would like to consult with a WD for treatment please see our Find a WD practitioner page.


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Dr. Wen Shortispy, Director of CAWD & Witch Finder General


CAWD is a not-for-profit organization. See this page for more details. Above is a “Donate” button (just send donations to by PayPal). We are fund-raising to pay for an application for recognition as a regulated health profession in British Columbia. There are also certain expenses involved in running the site, and we currently cover all costs at our own expense. To help offset this, any voluntary donations towards these costs would be greatly appreciated. All donations will be used to support the Witch Doctor cause, and all donors automatically qualify as honorary Witch Doctors and donors will receive (if they wish) a fine certificate by e-mail! Unfortunately donations are not refundable. Thank You